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Чанти и аксесоари фото продукти HAMA GMBH HAMA-05964 Четка MicroPro II за обектив на фотоапарат----kupete-ot----PRO-BG----

Четка MicroPro II за обектив на фотоапарат

Производител: HAMA GMBH
Кат. номер: HAMA-05964
Наличност: външен склад
Гаранция: 12 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 0.2 кг

Четка "MicroPro II" за обектив на фотоапаратHama "MicroPro II" Lens Pen

- Allows highly effective and gentle cleaning of all optical surfaces, specially designed for eyepieces and smartphone cameras
- Particularly long service life as dry cleaning means that no liquid can dry out or run out
- Immediately ready for use as the screw closure ensures automatic activation of the velvety surface, no need to activate the fibers separately
- Original lens pen
- Removes dust, grease spots and other smudges
- Does not dry out
- With a lens brush for dry precleaning
- Small and handy pen with a clip for attachment and an ergonomic design
- Flat velvety surface
- Diameter: 5 mm, especially for eyepieces and smartphone cameras

Note for Consumers:
Please note the following when using the lens pen:
1. Push the brush forward out of the protection chamber using the red slide. Remove the dust particles using the lens brush.
2. Remove the opposite cap. Slowly remove the dirt using the special velvet in short circular movements.
3. For difficult to remove dirt, breathe on the lenses and repeat procedure.

Not suitable for cleaning camera mirrors. The lens pen is only suitable for small optical surfaces.


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