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Инструменти и аксесоари Softing 226504 Тестер мрежови CableMaster 200 Softing

Тестер мрежови CableMaster 200 Softing

Производител: OEM
Кат. номер: 226504
Наличност: външен склад
Гаранция: 0 месеца
Тегло на пратката: кг


Тестер мрежови CableMaster 200 Softing

Тестер мрежови CableMaster 200 Softing


Тестер мрежови CableMaster 200 Softing

CableMaster 200 - Compact and economical cable tester

Article Number: 226504

Compact and economic cable tester

The CableMaster 200 is an economic, compact cable tester for Ethernet cabling. 

Particularly suited for network technicians and electricians.

CableMaster 200 tests Ethernet cabling for open, shorts, split pairs and miswires - 

simply by pressing a button. As a unique feature in its class CableMaster 200 provides 

built-in tone generation for convenient cable tracing and port identification, such as the CableTracker Probe.

Display cable faults if cable wiring does not conform to TIA568 specifications

Detachable remote unit for testing long cable runs, tests cable lengths of up to 304m

Tone generator can be used for cable tracing with the appropriate tone tracer probe (optional accessories)

Easy to read LCD screen with icons that clearly displays all test results, including PASS or FAIL indication

Easy to operate

Compact Size

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