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XIAOMI electric Scooter 3 Lite black

Производител: XIAOMI
Каталожен номер: BHR5388GL
Наличност: в склад
Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 20 кг
840.84 лв.

Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

Само за 78.48 лв. на месец

Безплатна доставка при плащане по банка

XIAOMI electric Scooter 3 Lite black
XIAOMI electric Scooter 3 Lite black


Manufacturer Part No

Product Features

  • Fast riding and easy climbing
    The thinner frame delivers the same strong performance but with less load on the body, giving the scooter enhanced speed and climbing ability for fast, stable and lightweight travel.
  • 3 freely adjustable gear settings
    Switch between 3 power modes - Pedestrian, Standard and Sport - to meet different needs, such as fast travel speed or extended battery life.
  • High-quality lithium battery
    The high-quality lithium battery has capacity for a 20 km range, which is easily sufficient for all short-distance travel needs. At the same time, the BMS intelligently provides all-round battery protection.
  • Fast folding in 3 steps
    Innovative folding design for a minimalist appearance, convenient storage, and more stability.
  • High-strength material, lightweight and easy to carry
    Designed for young people who pursue a light and fast lifestyle, the scooter is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy, making it lighter, easier to lift and more convenient to carry when out and about.
  • Minimalist T-shaped handlebar with compact look and feel
    The simplified handlebar design creates a visual sense of minimalism and lightness. The front light are also moved downwards to reduce top-heaviness and free up space for a larger instrument panel, optimizing the user's display experience.
  • Classic ergonomics, designed for comfort
    The deck width is increased to improve standing stability when riding, ensuring a more steady and comfortable ride.
  • Integrated display for clear information at a glance
    The previously divided display areas are integrated into a single display with a minimalist layout, for a better and more concise visual experience.


Product Type

Electric scooter

Package Content

Power adapter, user manual, pump extension hose, allen key, 5 screws, legal statement

Engine Power

300 W

Max Speed

25 km/h

Max Distance

20 km

Max Load Weight

100 kg




2 x tire


Pneumatic tires, rear disc brake, front disc brake, handlebar grips, front light, lightweight, 3 riding modes (pedestrian/standard/sports), 120-200 cm user height, 3-step folding, 14% gradient climbing







Voltage Provided

36 V


5.2 Ah

Recharge Time

4 hours


Product Material

Aluminium alloy body



Age Min

16 years

Compliant Standards

IPX4, EN 17128

Dimensions & Weight


43 cm


110.5 cm


113.7 cm


13 kg

Dimensions & Weight Details

Folded - 110.4 cm x 42.9 cm x 48.4 cm

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