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Прахосмукачки PHILIPS FC8038/01 Philips HEPA filter FC8038----kupete-ot----PRO-BG----

Philips HEPA filter FC8038

Производител: Philips
Каталожен номер: FC8038/01
Наличност: в склад
Гаранция: 12 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 1.8 кг

Philips HEPA filter FC8038
Philips HEPA filter FC8038


Manufacturer Part No

Marketing Description
This HEPA 13 washable filter catches at least 99.95% of all harmful microscopic vermin that causes respiratory allergies.

Product Features

  • S-filter
    S-filter is the standard exhaust filter that is widely available and easily recognizable by its logo. It does fits most Philips vacuum cleaners, but also vacuum cleaners of Electrolux, AEG, Volta, and Tornado.


Product Type


Intended for

Vacuum cleaner

Compatibility Information

Designed For

Philips FC 9060, FC9060, FC9062/01, FC9064/02 Anti-allergique, FC9066/03 Super Parquet, FC9067/02 Animal Care, FC9070, FC9071 All floors, FC9073 Parquet, FC9074 Anti Allergy, FC9076 Super parquet, FC9078 Animal Care, FC9160/01, FC9161, FC9162/01 Super parquet, FC9165/01, FC9166 Remote Control, FC9170/01 All Floors, FC9171 All Floors, FC9172 Super Parquet, FC9175 Floor Pro, FC9176 Remote Control, FC9178, FC9200/01, FC9204/02, FC9206/01, FC9206/04, FC9208/01, FC9210 All Floors, FC9212, FC9216, FC9218 Floor Pro, FC9222/01, FC9226/01 Floor Pro, FC9228/01, FC9232 All Floors, FC9236 Floor Pro, FC9238 Remote control, Hygiene FC 9104, Multi FC 9114

Philips ErgoFit FC9252 basic, FC92526/01, FC9254 basic parquet, FC9256 deluxe, FC9258 EnergyCare, FC9261, FC9262 AutoClean basic, FC9264 AutoClean turbo

Philips Jewel FC9050, FC9054, FC9056, FC9061/01 Tri-Active, FC9062 Super parquet, FC9062/01, FC9064/01 Anti-allergy, FC9066 Super parquet, FC9071

Philips Marathon FC 9209, FC9208/01, FC9209/01, FC9218 Floor Pro, FC9219, FC9222, FC9236 PerfectCare

Philips Performer FC9150 HomeCare, FC9153, FC9170, FC9170 HomeCare, FC9172, FC9172 ParquetCare, FC9174, FC9178, FC9179 EnergyCare

Philips Reach & Clean FC9102

Philips Specialist FC9102, FC9103 Active Perfume

Philips Specialist Control FC 9130/20

Philips Specialist Hygiene FC 9122/20

Philips Specialist Tri-Active FC 9120/20

Philips Studio FC9081, FC9082, FC9084, FC9087, FC9088, FC9088 EnergyCare parquet

Philips StudioPower FC9080, FC9087

Philips Super Parquet FC9076, FC9178, FC9204

Philips Universe FC 9016, FC 9017, FC 9018

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