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Звукови карти & I/O cards Sound-and-In-Out-card RGB за кабели PSU Jonsbo DY-1 24-PIN ARGB

RGB за кабели PSU Jonsbo DY-1 24-PIN ARGB

Производител: Jonsbo
Кат. номер: ZUAD-1175
Наличност: в склад
Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 0.5 кг


Допълнителни снимки на продукта: 

RGB за кабели PSU Jonsbo DY-1 24-PIN ARGB

Интерфейс: 3-Pin Connector
Други: 1x 20+4 PIN

A conventional 24-pin mainboard power cable can be optically upgraded with the Jonsbo DY-1 . The clip is simply pulled over the 24-pin cable of the power supply unit and attached to the connector. The transparent plastic wires are illuminated by RGB LEDs. The connection to the digitally addressable RGB header of the mainboard or a dedicated controller is via 3-pin ARGB (5V).

  • Length: 200 mm

  • Color: Black / Silver / Transparent

  • Connections: 
    - 1x 3-pin ARGB plug (5V / digital) 
    - 1x 3-pin ARGB socket (5V / digital)


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