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Сървърни системи и приложения Lenovo 7S05007MWW LENOVO Windows Server 2022 Standard Additional Lic----kupete-ot----PRO-BG----

LENOVO Windows Server 2022 Standard Additional License 2 core No Media/Key Reseller POS Only

Производител: Lenovo
Каталожен номер: 7S05007MWW
Наличност: в склад.
Гаранция: 12 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 1.8 кг
224.35 лв.

Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

Само за 20.94 лв. на месец

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LENOVO Windows Server 2022 Standard Additional License 2 core No Media/Key Reseller POS Only
LENOVO Windows Server 2022 Standard Additional License 2 core No Media/Key Reseller POS Only


Manufacturer Part No

Marketing Description
Windows Server 2022 is built on the strong foundation of Windows Server 2019 and brings many innovations on three key themes: security, Azure hybrid integration and management, and application platform.
The security capabilities in Windows Server 2022 combine other security capabilities in Windows Server across multiple areas to provide defense-in-depth protection against advanced threats. Advanced multi-layer security in Windows Server 2022 provides the comprehensive protection that servers need today.

Product Features

  • Secured-core server
    Secured-core server provides protections that are useful against sophisticated attacks and can provide increased assurance when handling mission critical data in some of the most data sensitive industries. It is built on three key pillars: simplified security, advanced protection, and preventative defense.
  • Simplified security
    When you buy hardware from an OEM for Secured-core server, you have assurance that the OEM has provided a set of hardware, firmware, and drivers that satisfy the Secured-core promise. Windows Server systems will have easy configuration experiences in the Windows Admin Center to enable the security features of Secured-core.
  • Advanced protection
    Secured-core servers use hardware, firmware, and operating system capabilities to the fullest extent to provide protection against current and future threats. The protections enabled by a Secured-core server are targeted to create a secure platform for critical applications and data used on that server.
  • Preventative defense
    Enabling Secured-core functionality helps proactively defend against and disrupt many of the paths attackers may use to exploit a system. This set of defenses also enables IT and SecOps teams better utilize their time across the many areas that need their attention.
  • Azure hybrid capabilities
    You can increase your efficiency and agility with built-in hybrid capabilities in Windows Server 2022 that allow you to extend your data centers to Azure more easily than ever before.
  • Microsoft Edge browser
    Microsoft Edge is included with Windows Server 2022, replacing Internet Explorer. It is built on Chromium open source and backed by Microsoft security and innovation. It can be used with Server Core or Server with Desktop Experience installation options. More information can be found at the Microsoft Edge Enterprise documentation. Note that Microsoft Edge, unlike the rest of Windows Server, follows the Modern Lifecycle for its support lifecycle.
  • Storage Migration Service
    Enhancements to Storage Migration Service in Windows Server 2022 makes it easier to migrate storage to Windows Server or to Azure from more source locations.
  • Adjustable storage repair speed
    User adjustable storage repair speed is a feature in Storage Spaces Direct that offers more control over the data resync process by allocating resources to either repair data copies (resiliency) or run active workloads (performance). This helps improve availability and allows you to service your clusters more flexibly and efficiently.
  • Storage bus cache with Storage Spaces on standalone servers
    Storage bus cache is available for standalone servers. It can significantly improve read and write performance, while maintaining storage efficiency and keeping the operational costs low. Similar to its implementation for Storage Spaces Direct, this feature binds together faster media (for example, NVMe or SSD) with slower media (for example, HDD) to create tiers. A portion of the faster media tier is reserved for the cache.
  • SMB compression
    Enhancement to SMB in Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 allows a user or application to compress files as they transfer over the network. Users no longer have to manually zip files in order to transfer much faster on slower or more congested networks.


Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard - no media/no key, Reseller POS only

Product Type



Licence Type

2 additional cores

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LENOVO Windows Server 2022 Standard Additional License 2 core No Media/Key Reseller POS Only

Производител: Lenovo
Каталожен номер: 7S05007MWW
224.35 лв.