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Твърди дискове SSD HEWLETT_PACKARD_ENTERPRISE P19974-B21 HPE SSD 480GB 3.5inch SATA 6G Read Intensive LPC 3----kupete-ot----PRO-BG----

HPE SSD 480GB 3.5inch SATA 6G Read Intensive LPC 3yr Wty

Производител: HPE
Кат. номер: P19974-B21
Наличност: в склад.
Гаранция: 36 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 0.1 кг
629.41 лв.

Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

Само за 58.75 лв. на месец


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HPE SSD 480GB 3.5inch SATA 6G Read Intensive LPC 3yr Wty
HPE SSD 480GB 3.5inch SATA 6G Read Intensive LPC 3yr Wty


Manufacturer Part No

Marketing Description
Do you need more performance from your sever or platform? HPE SSDs deliver advanced performance and endurance while reducing power consumption for customers with applications requiring high random read and write IOPs performance.

Product Features

  • Provides simplicity and lower total cost of ownership
    HPE solid state drives deliver reduced power consumption, providing improved IOPS/W versus rotating media while reducing datacenter cooling costs.
  • Increases the efficiency of your server
    HPE SSDs allow you to get the most out of your server with more compute per watt with SSDs. Uses self-describing LEDs that reduce drive activity confusion.
  • Accelerate workload performance
    HPE SSDs achieve higher IOPs to enhance the performance of your data center and give you faster access to data with excellent latency.


Device Type

Solid state drive - hot-swap


480 GB

Form Factor

3.5" LFF


SATA 6Gb/s

Bundled with

HPE Low Profile Converter

Expansion & Connectivity


1 x SATA 6 Gb/s

Compatible Bay

3.5" LFF

Manufacturer Warranty

Service & Support

Limited warranty - 3 years

Compatibility Information

Designed For

HPE Nimble Storage dHCI Medium Solution with HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Plus (3.5")

HPE ProLiant DL160 Gen10 (3.5"), DL160 Gen10 Base (3.5"), DL160 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), DL160 Gen10 SMB (3.5"), DL180 Gen10 (3.5"), DL180 Gen10 Base (3.5"), DL180 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), DL180 Gen10 SMB (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus Base (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus High Performance (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 Plus Performance (3.5"), DL20 Gen10 solution (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Base (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus All-NVMe Flash Node for Qumulo (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus All-NVMe Flash Node for Software Defined Storage (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus for Weka Expansion Tracking (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 Base (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 for Weka Base Tracking (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Plus V2 Performance (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 SMB Solution (3.5"), DL325 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), DL345 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL345 Gen10 Plus Base (3.5"), DL345 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), DL360 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL360 Gen10 Plus All-NVMe Server for Software Defined Storage (3.5"), DL380 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL380 Gen10 Plus Network Choice (3.5"), DL385 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), DL385 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), DL385 Gen10 Plus V2 (3.5"), DL385 Gen10 Plus V2 Base (3.5"), DL385 Gen10 Plus V2 Entry (3.5"), ML110 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Entry (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Plus (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Plus Entry (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Plus Performance (3.5"), ML30 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 High Performance (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Performance (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 SMB (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Solution (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Special Server (3.5"), ML350 Gen10 Sub-Entry (3.5")

HPE SimpliVity 325 Gen10 Plus V2 Node (3.5")

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Производител: HPE
Кат. номер: P04556-B21
386.17 лв.

HPE SSD 480GB SATA 6G Mixed Use SFF SC Multi Vendor

Производител: HPE
Кат. номер: P18432-B21
684.16 лв.

HPE SSD 480GB 3.5inch SATA 6G Read Intensive LPC 3yr Wty

Производител: HPE
Кат. номер: P19974-B21
629.41 лв.