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Рутери Lanberg Lanberg Router Wireless 300Mbps 2T2R RO-030FE

Lanberg Router Wireless 300Mbps 2T2R RO-030FE

Производител: Lanberg
Кат. номер: RO-030FE
Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 0.38 кг


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Lanberg Router Wireless 300Mbps 2T2R RO-030FE

ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛLanberg КОД НА ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЯRO-030FE WAN 1 x RJ-45 port; 100 Mb/s; auto: MDI-MDIX + negotiationLAN 4 x RJ-45 port; 100 Mb/s; auto: MDI-MDIX + negotiationWI-FI AC300 - up to 300Mbps; 2 x antenna; external, fixed, dipole; MIMO; 2T2R;SECURITY WPS 2.0; 64/128-bit WEP; WPA PSK; WPA2 PSK (TKIP AES); MAC address filtering; Broadcasting the wireless network name (SSID); RADIUS client; Isolation of connected clients in the Wi-Fi network;Router modes Router; Access Point (AP); Client; Bridge; Repeater; WISP;Functions Aggregation of Wi-Fi frames; Automatic bandwidth switching (20/40 MHz); Automatic channel selection + Bluetooth coexistence support; Auto-restart; DDNS; Beamforming; IAPP; IEEE 802.1q: VLAN " Ethernet + Wi-Fi (WAN-LAN only); IGMP proxy (+ on the physical interface); IGMP v1/v2/v3 + MLD v1/v2 snooping; Beacon interval; Isolation of connected clients in the Wi-Fi network; NTP client; Preamble length control; Control of additional sideband channel; Short Guard Interval; LAN IPv6; LDPC; LAN Wi-Fi client list; Support of IPSec, PPTP, L2PT packets (VPN Pass-through); Management frame protection (MFP); Protection of B/G mode of the wireless network; Limitation of Wi-Fi output power; Limiting the bandwidth of downloading/uploading; PBC function; RTS threshold; Fragmentation threshold; Port forwarding; QoS; RADIUS per (physical/virtual) Wi-Fi network; RADVD; Hardware NAT; Static DHCP leases; Static routing; STBC; STP; IPv6 tunnel through IPv4; UPnP; Multiple wireless networks (Multi SSID); Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM); Router`s own domain name; WPS 2.0; Preventing DoS attacks (ICMP Smurf; IP Land; IP Spoof; IP Teardrop; Per-Source IP Flood: FIN, ICMP, SYN, UDP; PingOfDeath; Port scanning TCP/UDP; TCP scanning; TCP SynWithData; UDP Bomb; UDP EchChargen; Whole System Flood: FIN, ICMP, SYN, UDP);ГАРАНЦИЯ24 месеца


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Производител: Lanberg
Кат. номер: prodk_3063
70.67 лв.

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