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Шкафове LANDE LN-SR42U8010-BL-241 LANDE, 42U 19`` Server 800x1000mm PD 80%

LANDE, 42U 19`` Server 800x1000mm PD 80%

Производител: LANDE
Кат. номер: LN-SR42U8010-BL-241
Наличност: в склад.
Гаранция: 0 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 40 кг
2298.96 лв.

Кредитен модул TBI Bank 19.68

Само за 214.57 лв. на месец


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LANDE, 42U 19`` Server 800x1000mm PD 80%

LANDE, 42U 19`` Server 800x1000mm PD 80%

DYNAmax series Servering Enclosures, provide a proper environment for the server and storage equipments with professional ventilation structure as well the heavy duty construction to house the heavy loads of servering equipments.

While product gives maximum performance on servering infrastructure, in parallel provides a very respective economy compared to its quality which is based on high technologic fully automated industry.

The 600 series is available in 5 heights from 12U through to 45U, The 800 series is available with 2 different height of 42U and 45U. Each cabinet is supplied as standard with a %63 perforated curved metal front door, and %63 perforated split ( wardrobe style) steel rear door and lift off steel side
panels, all of which are lockable.

The wide product height portfolio meets any U requirement in infrastructure needs.

DYNAmax series have a professional technical but aesthetic look with decorative curved %63 perforated front door, the product range attracts the attention with the mostly environmentally fit and selected color of RAL 9005 Black, and RAL 7035 Light Grey, with fine wrinkle soft touch paint.

Completely standard and stocked product portfolio, being delivered a single piece assembled product, as shipping configuration the adjustable feet group and caster set is included.

DYNAmax Series product range with optimal panel mounting size, and a variety range of accesorries enclose the whole expectation of users.

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19" 800х1000мм Сървърни
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LANDE_CK, 42U 19`` Server Perf.Doors 800x1000mm

Производител: LANDE
Кат. номер: LN-CS42U8010-BL
1640.52 лв.

LANDE_CK, 42U 19“ Server Glass.Doors 800x1000mm

Производител: LANDE
Кат. номер: LN-CK42U8010-BL
1422.90 лв.

LANDE_CK, 42U 19`` Server Perf.Doors 600x1000mm

Производител: LANDE
Кат. номер: LN-CS42U6010-BL
1191.33 лв.