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Шкафове LANDE LN-PR12U6045-LG Lande, ProLine 12U 19“ 600x450 wall mount шкаф

Lande, ProLine 12U 19“ 600x450 wall mount шкаф

Производител: LANDE
Кат. номер: LN-PR12U6045-LG
Наличност: външен склад
Гаранция: 0 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 40 кг


Lande, ProLine 12U 19“ 600x450 wall mount шкаф

Lande, ProLine 12U 19“ 600x450 wall mount шкаф

PROline series Networking Enclosures/
Cabinets, designed for superior
performance tested with 3 times higher load
than nominal weight load capacity ,
Nominal weight load is 100kgs, tested with
300 kgs on wall. Therefore no any problem
of carrying heavy telecom equipments, UPS
and batteries rather than standard network
technology equipments such as switches,
patch panels and cables.
While product gives maximum performance
on cabling and networking infrastructure, in
parallel provides a very relative economy
compared to its quality which is based on
high technologic fully automated industry.
The 600x450mm, 600x600mm PROline
Wall Cabinet series is available in 5 heights
from 7U through to 20U, Each cabinet is
supplied as standard with a glass front door,
mechanically screwed steel rear panel and
lift off steel side panels, all of which are
The wide product height portfolio meets
any U requirement in infrastructure needs.
PROline series have a professional technical
but aesthetic look with left/right frames on
the glass front door; the product range
attracts the attention with the mostly
environmentally fit and selected color of
RAL 9005 Black, and RAL 7035 Light Grey,
with fine wrinkle soft touch paint.
Completely standard and stocked product
portfolio, being delivered a single piece
assembled product, as shipping configuration
the one set: 2pieces for D450mm, and
two set:4pcs for D600mm 19” adjustable
equipment mounting rails included.
PROline Series product range with optimal
panel mounting size, and a variety range of
accessories enclose the whole expectation of
PROline Series Wall Cabinets, has Nano
Technology pre-treatment process,
Bonderite/ Henkel Chemicals applied before
Epoxy Powder coating application, 80-120
micron thickness, 500+hours of salt spray
testing performed, in means of very high
corrosion resistance.

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