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Геймърска подложка за мишка GamingMousepad Геймърски пад ASUS ROG Sheath

Геймърски пад ASUS ROG Sheath

Производител: ASUS
Кат. номер: ASUS-Sheath
Наличност: в склад
Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 0.2 кг


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Геймърски пад ASUS ROG Sheath

Тип аксесоар: Gaming
Съвместимост: Всички видове мишки
Размери (мм): 900 x 440 x 3
Тегло: 525 g
Цвят: Черен
Други: Самозалепващ - Не

Геймърски пад ASUS ROG Sheath

The extra-large ASUS ROG Sheath mouse pad is optimized for all gaming mouse types, with a smooth surface that perfectly ensures pixel-precise tracking for unmatched command and control. ROG Sheath is designed for your comfort and features a non-slip rubber base that keeps it in place and stitched edges that resist fraying.

ROG Sheath has an intricately-woven surface that's perfectly to ensure a smooth glide for your gaming mouse. Whatever your preferred gaming settings are — you're guaranteed pixel-precise control. It's been subjected to a barrage of stress tests, including a mouse glide distance of more than 250km, and exposure to temperature extremes of -30°C and 60°C for 57 hours.

Its 3mm thickness also ensures a comfortable cushioned surface too.

  • Optimized for smooth mouse gliding

  • Massive dimensions for all your gaming gear

  • Non-slip rubber base

  • Durable anti-fray stitching


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Геймърски пад ASUS ROG Sheath BLK

Производител: ASUS
76.46 лв.


Производител: ASUS
Кат. номер: 51193
19.12 лв.

Геймърски пад ASUS ROG GM50 Plus

Производител: ASUS
Кат. номер: ASUS-PAD-ROG-GM50-PLUS
55.44 лв.