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Геймърска подложка за мишка GENESIS NPG-0660 Genesis Mouse Pad Carbon 500 Maxi Logo 900X450mm (M12)

Genesis Mouse Pad Carbon 500 Maxi Logo 900X450mm (M12)

Производител: GENESIS
Кат. номер: NPG-0660
Наличност: в склад
Гаранция: 3 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 2 кг

Genesis Mouse Pad Carbon 500 Maxi Logo 900X450mm (M12)

Х-ка 1 : Surface: Textile

Х-ка 2 : Profile: Low

Х-ка 3 : Surface type: Speed

Х-ка 4 : The bottom of the pad is covered with a layer of anti-slip rubber, making pad firmly adheres to any surface on which it is located, not moving in the least appropriate moments.

Х-ка 5 : A special impregnation makes the liquid remains on the surface of the pad, preventing the absorption of liquid into the interior. This feature is very helpful in keeping the pad clean.

Х-ка 6 : An additional lining of the edge of the pad provides its remarkable durability and prevents fraying the edges during intensive use.


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