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Кабели LANBERG ORG01-CC35-100 Lanberg cable clips 3,5mm 100pcs, white

Lanberg cable clips 3,5mm 100pcs, white

Производител: Lanberg
Кат. номер: ORG01-CC35-100
Наличност: в склад
Гаранция: 0 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 0.3 кг

Lanberg cable clips 3,5mm 100pcs, white

Предназначен за : Обща употреба

Х-ка 2 : Lanberg's cable clips equipped with a nail, due to their special shape, can be used for fixing wires or individual conductors of round cables.

Х-ка 3 : These mounting accessories allow quick and easy fixing of cables and wires to surfaces like walls, joinery elements, furniture, etc.

Х-ка 4 : To mount a cable or a conductor, all you need to do is to use the nail (made of hardened steel), which is embedded in the clip.

Х-ка 5 : Application - for conductors with max. thickness of about 3.5mm


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Lanberg extension cable USB 2.0 AM-AF, 5m, black

Производител: Lanberg
Кат. номер: CA-USBE-10CC-0050-BK
5.90 лв.

Lanberg USB MICRO-B (M) -> USB-A (M) 2.0 cable 1m, blue premium QC 3.0

Производител: Lanberg
Кат. номер: CA-USBM-20CU-0010-BL
6.92 лв.

Lanberg USB-A (M) -> USB-B (M) 2.0 cable 1.8m, black ferrite

Производител: Lanberg
Кат. номер: CA-USBA-11CC-0018-BK
3.76 лв.