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CPU Coolers Airborne CPU-CoolersAirborne Охладител за процесор Arctic Freezer 7 X

Охладител за процесор Arctic Freezer 7 X

Производител: Arctic
Кат. номер: ACFRE00077A
Наличност: в склад
Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло на пратката: 0.4 кг


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Охладител за процесор Arctic Freezer 7 X

Цокъл на процесора: 1156
Цокъл на процесора: FM1
Цокъл на процесора: FM2+
Цокъл на процесора: FM2
Цокъл на процесора: 1200
Цокъл на процесора: 775
Цокъл на процесора: 1150
Цокъл на процесора: AM4
Цокъл на процесора: 1151
Цокъл на процесора: AM3
Цокъл на процесора: 1155
Цокъл на процесора: AM3+
Скорост на въртене: 300 - 2.000 RPM
Тип охлаждане: Въздух
Конектор: 4 PIN
Размери (mm): 132.50 x 110.50 x 74.30 мм
Тегло: 514 гр

A worthy Freezer 7 Pro Successor:
Better Price - Better Performance

The ARCTIC Freezer 7 X is a compact CPU cooler with one 92 mm fan. It is multi-compatible with common Intel® and AMD® sockets. It benefits from an improved heatsink design and a reworked heat pipe layout. In conjunction with the fan, which is optimised for high static pressure, ARCTIC has been able to significantly improve the cooling performance of Freezer 7 X.

  • EXCELLENT COOLING PERFORMANCE: A 92 mm PWM fan, 44 fins, 2 double-sided 6 mm direct touch copper heatpipes with pre-applied MX-2 high performance thermal paste provide excellent heat dissipation

  • EFFICIENT AND WHISPER QUIET: At maximum speed the fan of the Freezer 7 X consumes only 0. 07 A at a volume of whisper quiet 0. 3 Sone

  • OPTIMAL COMPATIBILITY: The Freezer 7 X can be mounted on most current desktop processors. AMD socket: AM4, AM3(+), FM1/2(+)/ Intel Socket: 1200, 115x, 775

  • EASY INSTALLATION: By using the mounting frame a simple installation is possible even without removing the mainboard

  • INCLUDING PRE-APPLIED THERMAL COMPOUND: Freezer 7 X comes with ARCTIC MX-2 thermal compound already applied, so the CPU cooler can be put into operation immediately


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